About The Artist

After graduating from Dundee University with a Fine Arts degree in 2006, I have been working in the voluntary sector as well as exhibiting my work locally.  Taking part in the North East Fife Open Studios and Cupar Arts Festival as well as private exhibitions in local galleries.

A lover of nature, living in beautiful Scotland, I paint to convey the wonder and excitement I feel while out in the elements of the countryside.

Taking the essence of the experience and turning it into forms, shapes and colour that more accurately convey the joy felt at the incredible beauty that surrounds me. 

By taking out the minutiae, we can understand the truth that stands before us.  It is still there, but now it is contributing to the whole in the same way that it does in real life.

Boldly simplifying shapes and forms, I can then bring forth tones and colours to help the viewer see what I see.

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