Gallery 2013

Current Paintings - A Year in Fife

Harvest Clouds, Oil on Canvas 100cm x 40cm

Here are a the paintings that I have been working on over the last few months.  I have been exploring the shapes and colours of the Fife countryside throughout the seasons. 

The weather and it's changing moods bring atmospheric changes to the landscape: hills get shrouded in mist, the haar blurs our view, heavy clouds loom on the horizon and sometimes the sun licks the tops of the trees.

Our survival depends on the hard work of the farmers, who toil endlessly to produce food for our tables.  Nothing beats the smell of a freshly ploughed field and the light and shade of the furrows make patterns that accentuate the shapes of the fields.

September Fields, oil on board 40cm x 40cm

Winter Puddles
, oil on board 40cm x 40cm
After the Harvest, oil on board 40cm x 40cm

Passing Rain, oil on board 40cm x 40cm

View From Norman's Law
Oil on Canvas on Board 60cm x 40cm

Winterlight, Oil on Board 40cm x 40cm

Summer Road, oil on canvas 100cm x 30cm (sold)

Summer Bales
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas, 8" x 8" (sold)

As the Rain Clears, oil on canvas 100 x 30cm (sold)

The Way Ahead, oil on board 40cm x 40cm (sold)